Leveraging Nature & Technology to Feed the World

About us

EcoProtein Innovations Limited is a sustainability biotech startup firm that leverages on insects called Black Soldier Fly (BSF) which feeds on perishable wastes to produce high quality animal feeds (Larvae) rich in natural protein and other essential nutrients and also an organic fertilizers (Frass) to both small scale livestock and crop farmers at a lower cost in order to boost farmer’s yields, profitability and enhance economic annd environmental sustainability.


EcoProtein's mission to reduce hunger, promote healthy living, and create a positive impact on the farming ecosystem drives its commitment to this transformative innovation, fostering a healthier and more sustainable future for communities and the planet.

Our Purpose

Is to produce Animal feeds & biofertilizer of higher quality natural protein at a lower cost for small-scale farmers

EcoProtein is on a journey to ensure a sustainable farming ecosystem and clean environment with its EcoProX feeds and biofertilizer.

Our proprietary biotechnology solution leverages on insect (Black Soldier Fly) to produce high quality, natural, organic source and low cost animal feeds and biofertilizers for farmers who are handicapped by the effect of the current high costs of feeds and NPK fertilizers.


Both EcoProX Feeds & Frass are organic source of nutrients for animal and the soil respectively which in turn results to enhancing nutritional values of farmers outputs including farmer’s yields


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